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One of the best holidays in America is the St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is also considered the most enchanting public holiday. Let us come to know Saint Patrick:

Who is Saint Patrick?

He is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He paved the way to introduce and spread the Christianity in Ireland. Because of his great accomplishments in setting up religious institution and places for worship it was decided to honor and celebrate the anniversary of his death. He died on 17 March 461 Ad. It was once told that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain God. With its 3 small leaflets, it represents the Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And now, become the most feature theme in the celebration.

This amusing Irish-American culture celebration happens during March 17. They also have activities, parades and festival during the weekend right before the actual date. The cities of United States focus on Irish themed parties, parades and festival. The best known places that held the most highlighted parades are as follows:









New York

New Orleans


St. Patrick’s Day was said as one of the happiest old civilian parade in United State. Today, nearly 3 million people in entire United States will attain the parade and activities every year. The people of Chicago develop most unique tradition which is to dye the Chicago River. This practice started in 1962. They used 100 pounds of green vegetable dye to keep the River green for the entire week. But in the modern-Irish days, they only use 40 pounds of green dye enough to keep the river green for several hours.

Green, shamrock and shamrock-inspired designs will be omnipresent for the entire celebration. Everyone will be wearing green dress, green ribbon and shamrock during the celebration. Even their drink will be dyed in green.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day for kids nowadays because they are taught about the Irish heritage while enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day artsy activities that commonly featured for kids in the entire celebration.

It is also part of their tradition to be present in churches service in the morning of the exact date of St. Patrick Day. What a lovely day for a family to have fun: Spectacular parades with their king and queen, floats, bagpipers, the bands and performers and most specially the St. Patrick’s Day mass. Green and shamrock all over! St. Patrick’s Day will surely provide memorable moment for everyone.

San Diego Crew Classic 2012

Witnessing San Diego Crew Classic 2012 with over 4,200 athletes coming from over 126 universities, high schools and clubs across United States and Canada are going to participate in the foremost rowing event that allows participants with age range of 14 to 84 years old.

The San Diego Crew Classic is the highlight for most rowers who are aiming to be successful in their rowing careers. The competition is also to test their potential for future Olympic events. The San Diego Crew Classic will also offer a festive event that involves a trade show, music, food vendors, alumni tents and the famous Karl Strauss Beer Garden.

The newest feature in this year’s event is the Brew and Crew to be held at the Ski Beach on Mission Bay, with 20 various beer stations. Moreover, they are adding the Safari Park Family Festival and San Diego Zoo area to provide a perfect child-friendly zone for families. This also comes along with the gigantic Jumbotron and artist booths.

The race’s practice takes place on Friday, March 30th, while the racing begins at  7:30 am on the next day, March 31st until 6:00pm. The race continues on Sunday, April 1st  until 3:00 in the afternoon.

For those who want to attend the  rowing event of the year, the San Diego Crew Classic discounted tickets are $10 if purchased in advance or $12 on event day . Children below 12 years old and active military can enjoy the event for free. Lastly, the Brew & Crew costs $40 for three hours with 10 tasters available.

Spring Break 2012

All winter you dreamed of sun and fun and with Spring Break coming your chance to visit one of the best beaches in the world is here. San Diego is set apart by its location to both Los Angeles and Mexico. Spend your week long vacation on the beaches of San Diego or beach hop … Continue reading